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  Unofficial 3Dfx Banshee
Troubleshooting and Game Guide


Unoffical 3Dfx Banshee Guide/Voodoo3 Guide?

Three Banshee AGP cards compared
A quick look at the Gigabyte, Diamond and Creative Banshee AGP cards.

Cooling your Banshee
The Banshee is hot in more ways than one.  Find out more here.

HOT Tip of the Day!
was updated 01/30/99

Essential Checklist for Setting up and Getting the Most out of Your Banshee
If you follow this, you may not need the next section of the Banshee Guide.

General Troubleshooting
Windows protection error after installing the card
My computer will not boot at all
Boot screen or Windows splash screen distortion
System locks up or kicks back to desktop in D3D
Screen blanks or goes into sleep mode
Mouse cursor problems
Browser images are black
Banshee Information shows no OpenGL
Computer freezes or games crash
Diamond Fusion with Zoran SoftDVD crashes
Guillemot cards dead after a BIOS flash
AGP Resource conflicts in Win95
Uncertified drivers
Alt-TAB lockup
AMD K6-2, windows protection and IOS errors
TV card and DVD decoder do not work

Game Issues- VOODOO3 owners may find these tips helpful!
To see only the recent additions below, click here

X-Wing Alliance Demo (04/13/99)
Ultima Online (04/12/99) Update
Star Wars Rogue Squadron (04/12/99) Update
Shadows of the Empire (03/15/99 revised)

Games that Run Fine
the list grows by the day

Drivers Issues
Sections pulled since now very outdated.  Banshee users should use latest 3dfx reference drivers available here.

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