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Recent additions

X-Wing Alliance Demo (04/13/99)
Rogue Squadron (04/12/99) Update
Ultima Online (04/12/99) Update
Shadows of the Empire (03/15/99 revised)


Games that don't work - according to some user reports.  Those in RED are from my experience, as well.  If these games work for you, let me know, and tell what card and drivers you are using.

Any Additions or Solutions?

If you have a game that does not work while others report that it does work, consider broader issues:

Games' solutions list for 3Dfx Banshee

Andretti Racing - EA Sports has posted a workaround involving limiting texture memory to 2MB.  If you are having other problems, see the EA Sports comprehensive What's New list for further help, such as the Active Movie error from the November 25th entry.

Archimedean Dynasty - markb, AKA blutaro, recommends "install the game then the 1.02 patch then the 3dfx patch..then delete the glide2x.ovl file from the Archimedean folder and start her up...it works brilliantly sooooo pretty and the fps is better than I remembered."

Barrage - Try newer drivers to resolve bad transparency in vapor trails.

Battlespire - Although the game is not hardware accelerated, the release version ran in a video mode not supported by the Banshee.  Bethesda Softworks has released a patch (version 1.5) that corrects this.  Get it here.

Carmageddon - It works with 3Dfx patch with some flashing menu anomalies.  Get patch here.  Max-Pack CD contains the patch.  From reader, Marco, add -vrush to the command line to eliminate the flashing.  It works!

Another workaround for the European edition, at least, comes from Robert Pagan who says: apply the Voodoo1 patch, the Voodoo2 patch, replace the glide2x.ovl file with the one from your C:\windows\system directory.

Carmageddon II
NOTE:  There are separate patches for the US and UK versions.  The fix the mouse cursor sticking in a small box at any resolution other than 640x480 on your Banshee (or users of the old Rush).  Get the patches here.

Carnivores - Patches have been released for the demo and full game that resolve "unable to set video mode" error with the Banshee and Rush.  Here are the links:  Demo patch: hereFull game patch: here.

Croc - Remove all Glide files from the game folder.  Courtesy of a post by "Fogline" over on the Creative Banshee newsgroup.

Duke Nukem 3D - Actually runs fine at 640x480 or 800x600.  I was fooled by the degree of aliasing in this old game that it was not the running at these resolution, but a screen shot (F12 key) proved to be 800x600.

EA Sports 99 and other EA  Games - There are reports of EA Sports 3D accelerator and Voodoo2 patches for Triple Play 99 and Nuclear Strike fixing these games for the Banshee.  Go here.

F-16MRF - Go into video options and set the Menu to "Window".  Keep the Game to Full Screen and make sure you have 3D acceleration enabled. For some reason, if you have the menu running "Full Screen" the game crashes at startup..but if you run the menu screens in a window..it works fine! (Thanks to Tej)

Extreme Assault- Apply all four patches available here from Blue Byte, then remove the Glide2x.ovl file from the game folder.  Contributed by Yours Truly!

F1 Racing Simulation (Ubisoft) - It runs right out of the box.  The 3Dfx patch resolves purple lines around letters.  Get the patch here.  I have received complaints that it does not run for some people.  It may be a driver issue.  I am using 3Dfx Release 1.0 drivers.

Falcon 4.0 - A patch for the US version was released 12/19/98.  Get it here or there.  View the extensive readme.doc here.  I have extracted the section relative to video and the Banshee here. Many report that it works fine.

Formula 1 (Psygnosis) - Reader Andy Ask advises:  All I did was to delete (or move) the file glide2x.dll in the F1 folder.  This tip was given to me after I posted it in a 3dfx newsgroup.  The game now runs great with excellent graphics and you still see the 3dfx logo when you launch.

For the European version (Formula 1 97), reader Stefan notes that this patch fixes problems with the Banshee.

G-Police - Menu palette corruption, alpha blending errors. Fixed by new Release Candidate 2 (RC-2) drivers or newer.

Grand Theft Auto - Full version and demo
GTA demo 3Dfx version.  Replace Glide2x.ovl found in the subfolder \Gtados with the Glide2x.ovl from your RC2 drivers, launch game. (Thanks to Chevellle).  Try these files here.

GTA  full version does not recognize Banshee as 3Dfx and gives a "cute" error message - no 3Dfx card found.
02/22/99 Update:  3Dfx reference drivers version 1.02.01 and newer resolved problems with GTA. This obviates the need for any of the patches and workarounds below.

12/31/98 Update:  Our friend Mok has produced a new patch.  Get the file here.  Unzip and follow directions in the GTAfix.txt file.  3Dfx reports that new drivers, due out by mid-January 1999, will address the GTA problem.  This fix and others only work in DOS window.  No need to do the hexedit below if you use this fix.  Also, new drivers (see 02/21/99 update above) allow you to avoid any of this.
Try this proposed solution from Mok on our message board.  You'll need a hex editor, such as Cygnus.

The reason that it doesn't work in the first place is because the default setup is in 512x384 and for some reason the banshee DOS glide2x.ovl only supports 640x480.  And the only way to change it is from in the game itself.  The solution, hexedit the gtafx.exe file so that it disables 512x384.  To do so grab any old hexeditor and:

search:    66 81 7d f0 00 02 74 02
replace:   66 81 7d f0 00 02 90 90

note that with this screen font, the fourth hexadecimal, f0, may not be clear - that's a letter f and a 0 (zero)

If that does not work, Mok adds to kill the 800x600 mode with:

search: 66 81 7d f0 20 03 74 02
replace:  66 81 7d f0 20 03 90 90

Mok adds that it only works in a Win95/98 DOS box.  Feedback is that it works often.  For people who want to avoid the editor, fellow Banshee nut, Nuty, has made a little program that does it for you.  Download it here.  It's only 40KB.  Unzip it into the GTADOS folder and run it.

Another workaround taken from the DMA Live Wire.

I saw that someone had trouble running GTA on the Banshee (No suitable SVGA mode). It is as yet impossible to run it in 3DFX mode or in DirectX mode, but you can run the 24 bit dos version if you start it with gta24 -nounivbe under windows (it doesn't run for some reason under pure dos). The reason for having to use the -nounivbe reason is that the univbe.exe software has no drivers for the Banshee, since the game is older than the card. Apparently the card has VESA2 drivers "onboard" that is loaded automatically through PnP, so it works without univbe.


Heretic II - The solution to Heretic II is similar to Quake II and Hexen II.  No update patch is needed to the game, but a newer mini-GL file is needed.  If you get the mini-GL installer from 3Dfx, it will locate Heretic II on your hard drive and install the proper file correctly.  If you want to do this manually, take 3Dfx's mini-GL 1.46 (or any mini-GL that work with the Banshee) and copy it to the Heretic II drivers folder.  Rename the 3dfxGL_Ht2.dll to save it as a back-up (say, 3dfxGL_Ht2.dlb), then rename the new mini-GL to be 3dfxGL_Ht2.dll.  When in the game, go to the Video Menu and select the 3Dfx_GL driver.

Hexen II - Use the mini-GL installer from 3Dfx

Jedi Knight - I have read of people that cannot get this to run, but it appears that they are having widespread D3D problems, either due to driver installation errors, DirectX corruption, or interference from previous video card drivers.  See Banshee General Troubleshooting page.

Most other complaints seem to come from Diamond Monster Fusion owners.  This appears to be driver-related.  If the latest Diamond drivers do not resolve this, try 3Dfx reference drivers. I have received a number of reports of success with these drivers.

Ignition - Apply the 3Dfx Voodoo2 patch.  It works for the Banshee, as well, according to reader M. De Stefano.  Get the patch here.

Klingon Honor Guard - Try the KHG patch from Microprose.  The readme.txt file claims that Banshee support was improved.  If that doesn't work, there is a Banshee fix here.  Read the included readme file.  It's a temporary fix, hopefully.

Madden 99 - Apply the roster patch from EA Sports.

Nascar 2 - I have heard complaints about weird color palette issues, but this seems to be most often associated with the Diamond Fusion card.  Some people have used the Guillemot drivers with this card and the problems have gone away.   Nascar 2 ran just fine on my system using the standard and 3Dfx rendering modes.

NBA Live 98 - The installation for this game does not recognize the Banshee as a 3dfx card and fails to create the proper shortcut.  No problem.  Add 3dfx after the quotes on the command line of the shortcut.  Do this by right clicking on the shortcut, select Properties.  The command line should read:
"c:\ea sports\nbalive98\nbawin.exe"
Change it to read:
"c:\ea sports\nbalive98\nbawin.exe" 3dfx

Alternatively, you can make a batch file named nba3dfx.bat with notepad which contains the following line:
nbawin.exe 3dfx
Save it in the game folder that contains the executable file.  The you can right click on it and drag it to the desktop and chose "make shortcut".

NCAA Football 99 - Add the letter v to the end of the shortcut command line that launches the game.  This disables the video cut scenes and allows the game to run in Glide mode.  The line should read:
"C:\Program Files\EA Sports\NCAA Football 99\Program\NCAA Football 99.exe" v

Thanks to reader Jeffrey Hillon.  This is documented as a fix for the Voodoo Rush over at EA Sports, but it works for the Banshee, as well.

Need for Speed SE - In the Display Properties, Settings, Advanced, Performance tab, move the slider to the left one notch and reboot.  This disables 3D acceleration, which the game does not use anyway.  After completing the game, return the slider to the far right position.

Need for Speed IISE - It has the same fix as for Voodoo2.  The installation routine does not recognize Voodoo2 or Banshee as 3Dfx cards and fails to copy the correct executable to the game folder on your hard drive.  Electronic Arts recommends a few other adjustments.  See a detailed description of the fix here.

Need for Speed III - If you see something like this when you launch NFS III:

Abort Message:
    Exception caught!
    CS=00000137 DS=00000013F ...............

You have several choices:

D3D mode:  Add -d3d0 at the end of the target line (outside the parentheses) in the NFS III shortcut.  This is the fix from EA Sports.  This does work and looks good; however, it is slower than Glide mode and may bog down if you have all features on.  Also, you are limited to 800x600 maximum resolution and weather effects, although present are not as pronounced.  The dashboard does show in the inside car view.  This is probably the best of the current solutions.

Glide mode:
3Dfx now has a patch that replaces two files in the NFSIII folder (Voodooa.dll and Voodoo2a.dll). According to 3Dfx you should "Download the patch and simply double click on the nfs3patch.exe and the patch will install itself. Once the patch finishes installing, go to the Start Menu, Electronic Arts, Need for Speed III, and select 3D Setup. Once inside 3D setup, select Voodoo Banshee in the 3D Graphics renderer window, select OK and go back to the Start Menu, Electronic Arts, Need for Speed III and select Need for Speed III to launch the game."  I observed sound glitches after applying this patch.  The dashboard does not appear in the inside the car view.  It does run in Glide, although the spinning 3Dfx logo does not appear.  It permits a 1024x768 maximum resolution.

There was another patch on the Net, but it has disappeared.  I have saved the file and it is available here.  After you unzip it, use the Voodoo2a.dll to replace the file of the same name in the Need for Speed III game folder (default locations is C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Need for Speed III).   When I applied this patch the spinning logo appeared and the dashboard was present in the inside the car view.  There are sound glitches, particularly when inside the car.

There appears to be some sound glitches with either of the last two solutions, but not with D3D.  The D3D mode looks just as good to me and runs well, but slower.  These sound glitches appear to be resolved by new 3Dfx reference drivers version 1.02.01 or newer.  Some people complain of no dashboard - check the graphics options menu in NFSIII and make sure Windescreen is OFF.

Possible Glide Sound Glitch Fix for SB 16/32/64 owners:  Copy the SB16.vxd file from the Banshee installation CD, located in the Directx\Drivers\Eng\ folder to the C:\Windows\System folder. This is the file from DirectX, so you can find it many places. This worked perfectly for me.  This was suggested by Glenn Thomas Guneriussen.  However, after the initial success, I have received enough reports of it not working to conclude that it really is not effective.

If you have other problems running NFSIII, use Notepad to look at a 3ddat.dat file in the C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Need for Speed III\Setup\ folder.  Make sure the line CARD_3Dfx Banshee has no other text at the beginning or end of the line. Save file and run 3dsetup.exe to select the Banshee card.   Restart the game.

Also, if you get a lot of severely flickering white screens, make sure "Force triple buffering" is not checked in the CL Blaster Control panel.

NFL Blitz! - Midway has released a patch that resolves Glide and D3D problems.

NHL 99 - EA Sports has issued a patch that adds Banshee support.  Get it here or there.  After installing the patch you must edit the 3ddat.dat file and run 3dsetup. Look for this file in the setup folder inside the game folder.  In the 3ddat.dat file edit the Banshee line so that it says CARD_3Dfx Banshee.   Note: If you do not see the 3Dfx spinning logo when you launch, run 3dsetup in the 3dsetup folder and select the Banshee.  After you do that, you should see the logo when you launch.  It runs great even on my son's old 200MMX!

A tip if you are still having trouble: do not run the game in lower (default) resolution modes.  Go right to 1024x768 and boost/enable all the features in the Option menu before you start a match.  I found that the game actually locked up quickly if I ran default but ran perfectly with resolution and features boosted.  Give it a try.

Outlaws - Copy older glide2x.dll and glide2x.ovl files from original CL Banshee drivers into the Outlaws game folder.  Copies of these files are here.

Update 12/25/98:  There is a reader-contributed utility that will enable 800x600 support for the Banshee.  Get it here.

Powerslide demo - Version 0.50 fixes problems with the Banshee  that were present in version 0.46 and adds numerous useful other fixes. Get the new version here or here.  The readme.txt file comments that the Banshee compatibility, although fixed, runs in a lower texture mode than other V2's - it sure looked good to me and ran very fast at 1024x768!   The file notes that if you have later drivers, this better mode may work and can be forced with "-forceglide2" added to the command line.  I tried that and the game would only run at a maximum of 800x600 and was corrupted.  Without the parameter, the Glide logo still shows at launch and the game looks great.  BTW, it looks like a basic driving game - sort of like POD in the dirt.

GLQuake\Quake World - If the game does not run, you need an updated opengl32.dll file. This is the same file as the 3dfxgl.dll used for Quake II, just named differently since GLQuake looks for opengl32.dll. There are a variety of replacement opengl32.dll files around that work with the Banshee, and I have reviewed them here.  The short story is, get the latest version (1.46 or newer from 3Dfx). This file should replace the same file in the Quake folder.

Quake II - If the game does not run, you need an updated 3dfxgl.dll file. There are a variety of replacement 3dfxgl.dll files around that work with the Banshee, and I have reviewed them here.  The short story is, get the latest version (1.46 or newer from 3Dfx). This file should replace the same file in the Quake II folder.  The same fix should work for Hexen II and Sin, and Half-Life, all based on the Quake II engine.

Not all patched versions of Quake II seem to work. I could not get Quake II version 3.14 to work, whereas the original CD version 3.05 works. Reports are that 3.17 and 3.19 also work. Get the latest here

WIth some driver versions, the brightness slider inside Quake and/or the gamma adjusters for Glide in the Display control panel do not work. To fix Quake II being too dark, put:
vid_gamma 1.2
gl_modulate 3.5

in your autoexec.cfg in your base dir. or you can type them in console then type vid_restart. Try slightly different numbers to fine tune this.  Alternatively, try something like Idgamma, a utility that allows you to tune the Quake II gamma.

If you are disappointed in Quake II frame rates, check the vsync setting in your driver control panel.  It should be disabled so that screen redraws can proceed independent of screen refresh.  The Voodoo cards all handle this setting quite well.  However, some versions do not offer a vsync control.  You can disable vsync by placing the following line in your autoexec.bat file or in a batch file that runs the game.


or look at the Banshee registry page for other options including several utilities that will reset vsync for you. Also, for great Quake II speed-up tips, visit Brett "3 Fingers" Jacobs' website, and get his High-Performance setup files.

Why won't Quake II run over 800x600 for me?
RC-3 version drivers from Gainward, Quantum3D Raven 1.2 drivers, Creative drivers from 11/19, and RC-4 from Guillemot
appear to cause some anomalies in Quake II, if you use anything other than the 3dfxgl.dll version 1.1 (included on the installation CD or as posted on Creative's website).  Use newer drivers and newer 3dfxgl.dll file.

Rainbow Six - This game runs well for almost all Banshee owners.  However, some people have reported trouble launching the game.  Reader P. Merjo sent me this Rainbow 6 Device Picker which he obtained from Red Storm, the game developer.  Run it prior to launching the game in order to specify which video and audio device the game should use.  Also, be sure to visit Red Storm's Rainbow Six website.  They have a number of patches and an extensive FAQ.

Red Barron II - Reader Dan Reames, AKA the "Mechanic", says the Sierra "Super patch" provides Banshee support.

Resident Evil - Run in Rendition mode.  Thanks to The Grimp for the suggestion, confirmed by REYES and others

Road to the World Cup 98 - It picks the 3dfx shortcut in the game folder rather than the default desktop shortcut.   Get patch 1.4.  Some complain that the game does not appear to run in Glide.   Looks fine to me.

San Francisco Rush - Frank Grayson has an information page devoted to this game and has collected a number of tips. He wrote me about one particular tip. -- It should be noted that there are some speed problems for people under PII-300 speed,  and that many performance issues can be resolved  by running SF Rush with the -u command line switch.   e.g.
       Rush640.exe -u
for computers above PII-300 this makes a big difference and makes the game play much much smoother.
Also I have a bugs list/features request/review page on this current oem-Raven3d-only release of SF Rush at http://www.ugcs.caltech.edu/~fgrayson/sfrush.html

Shadows of the Empire - Open the game folder (C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Shadow) then the subfolder Sdata and run the game from the Shadows.exe file.  This will open a different launch menu.  Look at the 3D Device window.  It may show Microsoft 3D rasterizer.  Change that to Microsoft Direct3D Hardware acceleration.. and make sure Fog is checked.  The game should run fine.  However, if you see corruption of the opening screens, quit the game.  Rerun Shadows.exe and uncheck DirectMovie Blt.  The game will run fine and can be run form the main menu from then on.

Shogo mobile armor division - Out of the box I got serious image stuttering and lockups with looping sound.  Turning sound off did not help. After installing the alpha 1.1 patch, it runs very well.  I have not tried beyond 640x480 with medium detail or any of the advanced settings, other than "enable polygon gap fixing" as recommended by Monolith.  This game uses D3D rendering.   Guillemot Phoenix Banshee owners who have tried the RC-4 drivers complain of texture errors.

Sin - see Quake II.

Star Wars - Rogue Squadron Demo/Full Game - This demo works just fine on the Banshee without any modification.  Run at 1280x1024 if you can - looks and sounds terrific on my Banshee, although the game is too much like Shadows of the Empire"II", judging just from the demo.  It has the terrific Lucas sound and the graphics are very smooth.  You can get the demo here or there.  It weighs in at a now rather "modest" 26MB.  Great demo for the Banshee!

12/24/98 Update:  After installing an SBLive!, Rogue Squadron has started to crash routinely on launch.  It seems to occur during a video mode switch, and just dumps to the desktop.  DirectX tests OK with Dxdiag.exe.  Not using the parameters above seemed to help, but crashes still happen.  If I continue to re-launch the program, it gets a little further each time, and if it gets to the main menu, it runs fin from there.  Sometimes the icon ceases to respond.  In that case, the Task List (Cntrl-Alt-Del) will show open sessions of Rogue Squadron.  Closing those (which takes a while) usually restores the responsiveness and I eventually can get the game going.  I am running Win98 SR1 beta, if that matters.  I don't know what the problem is yet.  The SBLive! is otherwise a wonderful card.

12/31/98 Update: It seems that my crashing problem was due to something else - I had inadvertently set the DirectX refresh rate to 85Hz.  Resetting it to default eliminated all the crashes.  You get to this via Dxdiag.exe (found in the C:\Program Files\Directx\setup folder), under the Still Stuck? tab.   If you have crashing, set your desktop refresh down to 75Hz for the screen used in the game (menus seem to use 640x480) and see that DirectX is set to default.

01/12/99 Update:  Rogue has stopped crashing at all now.  I have done several card swaps and driver clean outs.  Don't know what the problem was or why it has settled down.  If you have crashing, run the game from the Programs menu and not from the desktop icon.  Before launching the game, use the Hardware setup to select Voodoo Glide.

04/12/99 Update:  FULL GAME ONLY The recent 3dfx Release 1.02.XX drivers and vendor drivers based on them have a bug that causes menu corruption and graphic defects during the game.  This is brought out when DirectX6.1 is installed.  One proposed workaround is to disable Direct3D when running the game, forcing Glide mode (which should be default anyway).  You can disable D3D by going to the Start Menu, Run window and enterinf Dxdiag.exe, then going to the Display tab in this program and clicking on the Disable D3D button.  When you finish RS, repeat the above to re-enable D3D.

Streets of SimCity - Thanks to reader Ray Countremanche, who notes that the Voodoo Rush patch available here fixes this game for the Banshee as well.

Test Drive 4 - I received reports that this game did not work at all.  However, when I applied the Voodoo Rush patch available here, the game ran fine - well, as good as it could.  The graphics are dated and the "pop-up" was excessive.  Test Drive 5 looks like a big improvement.  It runs in 640x480 mode, so I wonder if some of the problems are with people running Win95 which has trouble with dynamic resolution and color depth changes.  In that case, running the desktop at 16-bit and perhaps shifting to 640x480 before loading the game may help.  It asks for DirectX5, but that is not the problem, as I am running DirectX6.

Running the Intro movie, which is mpeg, generated a crash ("Error!" message box) since it is looking for Active Movie, and I am running Windows Media Player under Win98 and did not want to screw that up, so I did not install Active Movie during setup.

Tiger Woods 99 - The EA Sports patch for TW 99 supports the Banshee.

TNN Outdoors Pro Hunter - According to the game developer, via reader, Alan: "TNN Pro Hunter does not (yet) support some 3D cards. This is largely related to the fact that the Unreal engine does not officially support them. If you visit the Unreal homepage, you will see that while they do have support for OpenGL and Direct 3D, it is still in the beta stage. If you check your Pro Hunter CD, you will find an OpenGL 'patch' in the \OPENGL directory. Please understand that this patch is still in the beta stage, so we can't officially support it yet.  Direct 3D should be available on our website within the next 2 weeks."  Alan adds:  "I tried the [OpenGL] patch on the CD and it worked!   My sound works too."

01/07/99:  there is a new patch, that fixes a number of issues. Get it here.

Tomb Raider I and Gold - Use the Voodoo Rush patches for Tomb Raider 1 available here and Tomb Raider Unfinished Business in the 3Dpatches folder on your second Tomb Raider Gold CD. 

Regarding European versions, reader Kim Eeckeleers says:  On the second CD of Premier Collection Tomb Raider UB (This is the European TR Gold) in folder x:\3DCards\3dfx\tombub.exe works perfect with the banshee for UB. On the second CD of Premier Collection Tomb Raider UB (Europe) in folder x:\original\voodoo\tomb.exe Works Perfect for Tomb Raider I (don't use the original\3dfx\tomb.exe it won't work with the banshee).

TriplePlay 99
There are reports that the EA Sports patch for TP99 supports the Banshee. In the demo version all I had to do was replace Voodooa.dll in the game folder with a copy from this NFSIII patch.

Turok 2
The game may refuse to run in Glide mode.  This can be fixed by using the new 3Dfx reference drivers  version 1.02.01 or driver derived there from.

Ultima Online - 01/01/99 Update:  Reader Christopher McKenzie altered my to this tech support note buried at the Ultima Online website (not directly accessible due to a navigation error).  As Chris says, "UO will not work in full screen mode with the Banshee video card, but it does work fine in windowed mode. Screen's a bit smaller, but it works okay. And the only change necessary in uo.cfg is:  FullScreen=off.  That's my only setting. I've turned off the chest opening and intro animations in order to make the startup faster, but the game worked fine for me with them turned on."  The comments in the tech support note about "certified drivers" are not relevant.  There aren't any, and I wouldn't run them, if there were.

If you want to run fullscreen, disable DirectX Hardware Acceleration (run Dxseup.exe and uncheck the hardware  acceleration box).  Re-enable after running game.  The is not an optimal solution, but it will allow you to run the game fullscreen without video corruption.

01/12/98:  Another "fix" that appeared on the Net is to edit uo.cfg to change PageFilp to No (or 0, not sure, don't have the game to check).

04/12/99:  An apparently reliable workaround, which does not require any of the above is to start the game, alt-Tab out of the game and then alt-Tab back to the game.

Ultim@te Race Pro - In the game folder, if you find a Hw3d.dll file, rename it to Hw3d.bak. Copy the Banshee Glide2x.dll from driver folder or C:\Windows\System folder to the game folder and rename to Hw3d.dll.  This is not needed if you install the patch described below.   You are limited to 800x600 either way.  I see no spinning logo with any fix, but 3Dfx should appear in video card choice in the menus for the game.

Unreal - Patch version 2.09 worked fine for me with no problems. I have read complaints about other patch levels, although 2.17 seems to work for others. I just installed 2.18 and it works too. 2.19 is reported compatible with Banshee, as well.  3Dfx mentions one additional step in their Banshee FAQ: "Start Unreal through the Start Menu>Programs>Unreal> Play Unreal.exe and when it prompts you if you have a 3Dfx card installed, choose "Yes". When Unreal then tells you that "Unreal is only compatible with Voodoo 1 and Voodoo 2 cards" and asks if you still want to use your 3Dfx card, choose "Yes". I had Unreal installed when my Voodoo2 was in the system, so this may account for why I did not need this additional step.  This factor may explain some problems others have with games when installed fresh as opposed to a system that had another Voodoo card inside when the game was installed.

Urban Assault - From reader, Simon, comes this fix that eliminates the black screen.  Edit the file Nucleus.ini (in the game folder) and change the line:  gfx.movie_player = on to:  gfx.movie_player= off. Short and sweet, and it worked for me.  Once you get to the main menu, which used to black out, change the renderer in options from software to primary 3D, the boost the resolution to at least 800x600.  Click OK.  When it comes back from a brief (hopefully) blackout, go back in and check the resolution again.  I had to set it twice, but it took the second time.  The launch a mission.  It worked for me with none of the flickering menus.  The image does not look quite right, especially in the dithered sky.  I don't have my V2 installed now so I can't compare the image, but it does not look very good.  However, the game does run without crashing.

Virtual Pool - No suitable VESA driver.  Ran in 320x200 only. Solution: Get the driver update and use the 1024x768 VESA Linear Single Page.  Works great.   Interplay's FTP site appears down, but here is another source. Thanks to John Weidman, Software Engineer for 3Dfx, who stepped in with the easy solution.

Warcraft - Banshee devotee Roger Pack says it runs ok if you set it to "generic 24 bit chipset" and 8 meg of memory.  Maybe that will help other vesa univbe problems.

World Cup 98 - I got WC98 demo to run in Glide mode by editing the 3ddat.dat file with Notepad, inserting a line that reads:

CARD_3Dfx Banshee

Then run 3Dsetup.exe to select the Banshee card.  You may try it with the full game.  If it works, let me know.

To run the full game in Glide mode, others have reported that the patch for NFS3 works (replacing Voodooa.dll and Voodoo2a.dll in game folder).  Get the patch here or try the alternative files here.  I wonder if removing the Voodoo2a.dll file would not also fix it, since the demo does not have a Voodoo2a.dll and runs great in Glide with just a Voodooa.dll and the rest of the fix above.  Let me know.

Here is an another solution according to Nuty's Guide.  I haven't checked it.

1. Download Slash's Banshee Control.
2. Check Force VoodooRush Emulation
3. Edit your Registry using Regedit
4. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Electronic Arts/3D Data/
5. Make New Key (Download & Add WC98_BANSHEE.REG to your registry)
6. Add this line to WC98 3ddata.dat
        CARD_3Dfx Banshee
        CARD_3Dfx Banshee /G:3Dfx /M:Voodoo

Otherwise, the game and demo will run in D3D mode, and it looks very good.  Some complain that the weather effects are missing.

X-Wing Alliance (demo) - The first time you launch, the game may not run in 3D hardware acceleration mode, and if you try to select 3D hardware acceleration during the game, it will not be available.  There are two ways to solve this.  There is no video driver selection in the Launcher menu, unlike some other Luca Arts games.  However, if you launch the game and hit the escape key when you get to the menu after the intro Lucas Arts and Total Game logos, this will bring up the Main Menu.  Select the Video Options, then Single Player.  You should be able to set the 3D hardware to "Yes" and adjust resolution and other settings.  If you cannot select "Yes" here, then exit the game and go into the c:\Program Files\Lucas Arts\X-Wing Alliance Demo folder and use Notepad to open config.cfg.  Look for the line: "use_3d_hardware1 0" and change the last zero to a one.  Go back into the Main menu in the game and see if the video options can be changed now.

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