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I have seen several people have DirectX6 beta hose their systems, and the same is possible, though unlikely, with the release version. Here's a modification of the Directx5 removal that will help you to remove DirextX6 from Win98. Courtesy of Marjan

DirectX removal in Windows 98 final release version 4.10.1998

Written by: Glzmo <>
Special Thanks to: Sergey Zakharov

Much information is stored in the Win98 registry about which version of DirectX
is installed and other parameters/settinqs relating to DirectX. The procedure
outlined below allows you to remove enough of DirectX (although not every single
bit of it) to let you reinstall it ... any older version. Note that I have done
this to remove the unstable DirectX 6 Beta and reinstall DirectX 5.2. I canīt
guarantee Win98 to run with older versions of DirectX, nevertheless you could
try it at your own risk.

Be warned: the following procedure involves deleting certain Win98 registry
keys that, if done incorrectly, -could- render your nicely running Win98
useless and you'll have to reinstall it and all your other applications.
Do the following at your own risk- I won't be held responsible if you screw
up your system. If you don't know about "regedit" or "regback", you probably
shouldn't be doing the procedure.

Using regedit, regback (included on the Win98 CD), or Norton registry editor,
back up your entire registry to a backup folder/disk. Also backup the all
files listed below. If something happens, at least you'll have the backups to
revert to.

Using regedit or Norton registry editor, delete the following entries
(delete the whole key/folder):

To get rid of the DirectX OEM controllers list, (different controllers are listed in every
version of DirectX. Ob or below is installed) delete the following registry key:

Control/MediaProperties/Privatepropertie s/Joystick7oEM

This rids the Control Panel/joystick/Joystick selection list of the new controllers such as the
"ThrustmasterTlT2 with adapter/without adapter". You -will- have to reinstall
your joystick drivers if you delete this registry key. Reinstalling older DirectX.
Ob or below will restore the old controllers list. If you want to keep the
newer DirectX controllers, don't delete this registry key.

Then shut down to MS-DOS mode and delete the following files:

Also delete the following files in MS-DOS mode:

Now delete the following folder: C:\PROGRA~1\DIRECTX

Be sure to delete the following file, too:

The previous release of this procedure left "Old DirectPlay" from an early version of
DirectX still installed. These files don't have to be deleted if you only want to get
rid of a newer DirectX version. Old DirectPlay is still used by some games, (I have no idea which ones)
so the choice is up to you if you want these removed or not. Reinstalling DirectX3 or
above will -not- reinstall old DirectPlay.
Delete the following files:

If you also installed the new DirectX control panel, delete the following file:

If you delete DirectX5 or above and reinstall an earlier version, the file "joy.cplll
(the joystick control panel applet) will not be overwritten, and it will not work
with earlier versions of DirectX. This is the problem that some are describing as
not being able to calibrate in Win98 because the program "flashes on, then immediately

Now, restart the system and install the DirectX version of your choice.
I have successfully reinstalled DirectX 5.2
You may also need to re-install your newest Voodoo2 or Voodoo drivers, but I
didnīt have to do so. If you use a combo 2D/3D card like the Intergraph Reactor,
Sierra Screamin' 3D or Hercules Stingray 128/3D, then it -seems- likely you'll have
to reinstall those drivers also (I am not sure of this since I have not tested these cards).

I decided to create this file for Windows 98, because I had to delete DirectX 6 Beta and
reinstall DirectX 5.2. DirectX 6 Beta ran too unstable and sometimes refused to recognize my
Creative Labs 3D Blaster Voodoo2 12MB board and also my brothers S3 Trio64+ as a primary
display controller.

I tried Sergey Zakharovīs dx5rem.txt file, but it didnīt work that well, because it was
written for Win95 and Win98 handles drivers quite a bit different. I finally figured
out how to acomplish the task of reinstalling an older version of DirectX in Win98
and so I decided to modify Sergeyīs file for the need of Windows 98 users.


^1For more info visit the following sites:

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